Handmade artisan soap

May 10. 2023.

For eight years I have been using exclusively artisan handmade soap, the so-called "natural" soap. Without exception and 100% consistent! Even on trips, trips to nature, public places in the...

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Face tonic: An unavoidable ally

Mar 12. 2021.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body, a mirror of systemic health, nutrition, environmental influences, care, as well as inner peace and tranquility. A barrier, but very interactive ...

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bela i providna ambalaza

Natural deodorant vs antiperspirant

Dec 21. 2020.

What is the difference between natural & commercial deodorants? When we think about sweat, we think of odor. But sweat isn’t responsible for odor. Sweat does not smell bad. What...

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two ampules of oil and orange flowers

Natural cosmetics

Jun 12. 2020.

The Golden Goddess strives to get to know nature, learn from it and use it for your health and beauty. We follow the best traditions of human unity with nature and its laws. This ancient pri...

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