Natural cosmetics

The Golden Goddess strives to get to know nature, learn from it and use it for your health and beauty. We follow the best traditions of human unity with nature and its laws. This ancient principle has been perfected for centuries thanks to the development of both production technology and the development of the human spirit, medicine and aesthetics.Fortunately, we live in a time of ever-increasing awareness of the interdependence of nature conservation and human health.

The requirements of modern natural cosmetics are very different from those at the time of galenic creams and lotions production. Instead of heavy creams with a high proportion of emulsifiers, light formulations based on good knowledge of skin physiology are increasingly in demand.

The Golden Goddess is based on the highest quality natural ingredients, highly active substances and superior technological knowledge. Our focus is not on the individual ingredient but on the interaction of all the components in the overall formulation.

Everyone familiar with our “The Golden Spartan” brand, know of our loyalty to natural ingredients. We are fully committed to that. Our team is constantly working on perfecting innovative solutions, while constantly listening to the reactions and wishes of our customers.

Our Goddesses recognize the quality and knowledge behind our products.
The beauty and benefits of modern natural cosmetics are based on two solid foundations: nature and knowledge.

We achieve our decisive quality by handcrafting, small series and controlled batches – all this with a great deal of love!Natural cosmetics are borrowed from nature, progressed on old recipes and evolved through human experience and knowledge to the point where it is today, and that is care, concern and responsibility! This is exactly what our brand offers!

Stefan Sinobad, 12.06.2020.