About us

Our story

The Golden Goddess is an idea that has been ‘simmering’ for several years.
The huge success of our brotherly brand for men, The Golden Spartan, has been an inspiration for us all to start offering handmade natural cosmetics for ladies. They themselves used our products alongside their men, often sending us suggestions and ideas to do the same for women. And that means: offering products of superior quality, handmade from the highest quality ingredients, without compromising on recipes.
The Golden Goddess uses only the highest quality natural ingredients. Even those synthesized in laboratories are of natural origin and are accepted by leading natural cosmetics organizations. We do not use harmful ingredients such as detergents, sulfates, surfactants, parabens, fillers and mineral oils. We are always guided by knowledge and follow innovations in modern approaches when developing natural cosmetics. All our products are handmade in small batches with great care and a lot of love.

We are not another profit-inspired machinery. We consider our ladies to be part of the team, rather than a source of income. Our team is inspired by its love of nature and the making of the best natural cosmetics.
We are proud of our authentic and unique story. Everything we do, from making recipes, production, design, packaging and communication with our ladies – we do it our way!
Your needs are our priority and we will do our best to make you 100% satisfied!

Why us?

Years of experience in producing the highest quality natural cosmetics!
Our quality is recognized in the domestic, regional and international markets.
With exports to six continents, we have gained the trust of customers worldwide.
But until you try our products, you won't fully understand what it's all about!