Face tonic: An unavoidable ally

Skin is the largest organ of the human body, a mirror of systemic health, nutrition, environmental influences, care, as well as inner peace and tranquility.
A barrier, but very interactive with the environment, especially those parts that are more exposed, under the influence of the stress of everyday life, treated with cosmetic products, procedures, and treatments. This interaction is always aimed at achieving homeostasis. Our body always tries to preserve its health, to renew itself, to balance, to annul negative influences. We often make this evolutionary work difficult for our skin, but we can also help and support it in its miraculous power of renewal and self-preservation.
Facial skincare is a small but challenging ritual, sometimes simple, made up of two, three steps; cleansing, hydrating and nourishing, and sometimes more complex, depending on our habits, responsibilities, and skin condition.

What, at first glance reveals how healthy the facial skin is, is its tone. Skin tone decreases with age, but also due to inadequate nutrition and care. Too much sun, especially in tanning beds, visibly damage even the deep layers of the skin. Dry indoor air as well as long periods indoors, polluted air, irregular and insufficient sleep, smoking, alcohol, processed foods, are all direct culprits of sagging skin and skin without shine and vitality.
The good news is that the first step in the recovery process is very simple: use face tonics!
Tonics are those fine herbal waters, hydrolats, teas and decoctions, miraculous infusions of flowers, a wealth of trace elements originating from the earth, the sea and thermal springs, the magic of nature as a gift to all of us. Simple or complex formulations, but always very effective. Face tonics are not used to clean the skin, its power lies in the simple, daily application as many times as needed, with a spray or swab, however, you prefer.

Face tonics refresh, hydrate, and nourish. They have an astringent effect & enhance microcirculation of the skin. It can also be “curative” by healing small surface lesions, and it can be applied for the simple reason of freshness and light feeling in times of great heat or very dry air. The face tonic is a perfect choice for skin that is prone to secreting excessive sebum. With the right choice of formulation and regular use, it will regulate oily skin, close enlarged pores, and restore the freshness of the complexion. The ingredients of tonics can be very simple: from ordinary herbal teas and decoctions that need to be freshly prepared every day, to very imaginative and functional formulations. Resources are inexhaustible, starting from hydrolats and floral waters, through plant juices, thermal and mineral waters, to active supplements such as water-soluble vitamins, micro, and macroelements, allantoin, moisturizers, herbal tinctures, and extracts…
With perfect care and freshness, you usually get an abundance of natural and pleasant scents that will improve your mood and cause a feeling of satisfaction. Such a well-rounded beauty, you can only get from nature.
Face tonics “like to be stored” in ecologically justified and healthy packaging, preferably in dark glass bottles that preserve the stability of the entire product and the fine sensitive chemical compounds from plant materials.
If you haven’t tried a real natural tonic by now, you missed a lot! But you didn’t lose everything!
Be sure to get your first bottle. You won’t regret it!

D. Ilić, 12.03.2021.